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[27 Nov 2005|05:56pm]

this week has been absolutely amazing. sooo much fun.

first of all, monday, kay came to DA and totally suprised me. i was SOO happy bc i havent seen her in like a month!

tuesday me and danielle hung out we walked along 5th- went to A&F and saks.. then i met nicole on 14th.. and i waslked there! haha

wed was mass.. and then i went to nicoles so she can show me her swt 16 dress. and then we chilled with jeff, joey, maggie, james, scali, and arjan. which was fun llol

thurs was thanksgiving obviously... and i went to LI.. and went to freds house which was fun.. love him lol.

fri i went shopping and then got on a bus back to NYC woo lol. i went to dinner for my bday with danielle, nicole, steph, nicole, susan, iza, kay, and leslie.. and then we met up with everyone at bar none.. it was hottt. exclusive lmao

yest i was bored and wanted to go shopping but i wound up going to nicole's and we went into stuy and met up w/ maggie, caitlin, jed, arjan, chillz, and james.. and then we walked over to ricos and met up w/ kaz, george, anthony, and david... and val stopped by.. but we went to cozys.. and alicia, jeff, joey, keith, and some other kids joined us. yeah. then me, nicole, and maggie went for pizza.. idk it was fun. i lovee maggie lol. yeah

today me and nicole went for breakfast/lunch.. and now im waiting for paige and family to come over for bday cake... bc..




<3 diNna

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[27 Aug 2005|12:05pm]

woahhh i haven't updated in sooo long!! a lot hass been going on.  slept over nicole c's house with danielle, getting drunk, shopping, being stuck in long island, hoookah barss and running into mar kay and izaa, getting dtrunk, staying over danielle's house with stephh, shoppingg, adventure land with danielle and chrissnicole leaving for college, long islandd, party at mary's housee, workingg, chilling with nicole j, lunch with the girls before they leave for college =(, college interviews, meeting mary p in connecticut, shoppingg, movieesss, out with danielle, steph, and nicole j, hoookahh, getting drunk...  anddd now i'm going the fuck back out to long island!!! arggggg! i hopeee nicole j can get her ass out there thoo!! well thats about itt

summer's almost over!! ahhhhh

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